Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why hello there!

Well friends and family,  it's been a week since I had internet to be able to update most any of you all!  I sit here having my day off this afternoon, after meeting my new group for this week last night and today as they did their first day of construction!  Great group 11 girls and 2 guys... should be a great time!

Well that is this week so far, but ur prob asking yourself... what about the week last week, where was he, what did he do, and how was his team?  Well here comes the week, which started off on Tuesday around 11:00 as I headed out to Puerto Plata, which is about a 2 hour drive from my apartment I have been in.  The team was from Greenville Christian Church from Henryville, IN.  It was an awesome group and a FUN time!  The group was a great outdoorsy group that loved to camp and just was willing for what ever!  The place we were at, was remote and the guys had to sleep in the church, and the girls were sleeping in the pastors house.

Our whole week we worked on building a wall in front of the church that the group supports, they also did kid ministry everyday before the feeding center and kids get their meal for the day.  The other things they did where community clean up day and VBS on Saturday where they had two different sessions, one in the morning with the younger kids with 4 stations, from coloring to story time to even an interactive fun activity that was learning how to use a sling to kill goliath, as their VBS story was David & Goliath!  The Kids had a blast with all of this, and they got to take home their coloring pages and everything else!  The other thing VBS was for the older kids later in the day, where they played the Minute to Win it games which they all had a blast competing against each other!  It was a great week and a lot of fun, if you have about 4 min or so check out the link below which is the blog with the slideshow I did!

I was told when coming into this week that it would be fun & fairly easy.  To be honest it was a very easy and fun week, but in the end we still did a lot and I needed a day off which I am thankful for amazing Missionaries that give you ur days off and let u get a bit of rest as I am getting today!

I did find a great verse that really made me think and is a great life verse for me as I'm looking to find where God wants me to go, and what's in store for me...  Check it out, it's Jeremiah 1:5-7.  What a powerful, yet great verse to ponder on yet having know that God has a plan for you no matter what, and he will help u through life!

Oh, and one update, I'm getting close to having all my money in for the summer, but what that means is that I am not 100% supported yet for my last 4-5 weeks!  So if you are feeling generous please help support me and even if it is only $10 it's a huge support.  Plus it's Tax Deductible, can't beat that can you!  Jump on over to my Facebook as Pictures may be posted there later today.

Until next time.

Keep on Living


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