Monday, June 4, 2012

All Packed!

Well everyone, it's been a long day, but I am typing this at 5:30 so not to long!  I figured I would post this last post of the day sharing my progress for the day, and that progress would be I'm packed between 3 bags, and I only packed it like 4-5 times, pulling stuff out and then repacking it!  Got it all in one checked and 2 carry ons.  With that said a few more errands for the evening then I'll be ready to head out tomorrow morning around 8ish for Ft. Wayne airport!  So if you all could think about it keep me in your prayers as you all are either on ur way to work or waking up getting ready for work!  I appreciate again all the prayers and amazing support I have had from each and everyone of you that is keeping updated with my blogs and Facebook group!  Well check this photo out and maybe.... just maybe one more post before I take off tomorrow depends on how I sleep and what my plan is! ok two photo's if you didn't look at my post earlier...



Well I guess all there is from here is...

Keep on living,


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