Monday, January 11, 2010

Missing It...

So this is a first post in a long time. With that saying, this time last year I was in New Zealand... warm warm New Zealand. Today has been a real shock as I see people from last spring semester that went on the trip with me. Also talking to a friend that is there right now, that got lucky and got to go on it again. I really do miss it, and I hope to go back sometime, in the near future. Is it bad though, I'm actually looking for job opportunities there to move there for a job for awhile. The other thing I'm looking at is the weather in the winter, cause well I'm allergic to the cold, but it looks like as long as i stay on the North Island of NZ, then I'll be ok.

After I graduate, my goal is to convince Brent to let me go with him again, and do a sort of internship with him on the Pac Rim trip. I really hope he would let me do that, it would be another trip of a life time, going into it knowing what i would be getting myself into, i could prepare more, and enjoy it a bit more, yet have a blast doing an internship of video while doing the one thing I love traveling.

Someone from the old group wrote this on a friends facebook page, and I do agree with this and the other list another friend commented on this post. So if your ever in NZ do these things.
1. Put sweet thai chili on EVERYTHING
2. Go to pak'n'save in just your shorts, no shoes no shirt.
3. Get pizza from Hell.
4. Get a Bastard burger
5. Wear sunscreen
6. Wear sunscreen again
7. When you go to Piha explore the crap outta it, its fun
8. Raglan is the most beautiful place on Earth. You will see.
-Noah Nehls

1. play ping-pong with any korean students at laidlaw
2. go for runs down along the river walk at dusk
3. drink any ginerbeer you can...i personally enjoyed the cheapest kind at pak n save. its like 90 cents for a liter
4. don't skype too much or you'll spend a buttload for internet
5. go play the crappy piano in the girls lounge
6. wear shoes in the grass
7. consistently tell brent you want ice cream
8. get an apple pie at Mcdonalds, theyre so much better than home...also, go to Mcdonalds to get 25 cent ice cream
-Caleb Hatfield

As I write this I am on a plane heading to Denver, Colorado for a western retail dealers market. So I am on a plane, and it is so nice to be up here in the air on a plane again, I know it's not to a different country, but it will do for now. I do miss flying and traveling, like I did this semester last year. Again like I've stated before I can't wait till i get that chance again to go travel and all that again. But for now that is all, I plan to start blogging more, so if you are one of the few people that follow, you may be seeing more posts, at least that's my goal, until next time...

Keep Living.