Monday, June 4, 2012

1 Day Then 2 Months!

Hello all!  Well it has come time to get packed and make sure I have everything, as I have only today to get packed! I'm getting really excited, but some what nervous at the same time.  I'm not to nervous about the travel and getting down there, just making sure I have everything!

I can't believe it, I feel like it was just yesterday I had the interview for this internship and was waiting to hear back from Eric about if I got the internship!  Well here is the update, I have about made it to the first month cost raised being $2,100. What this means, is that I still need another $800 for the last 4 weeks that I will be down there.  So as I have asked in the past, please be in prayer and if you feel lead to help donate for my internship check out this link:

So an update and fun of packing in my house is our pool table turns into a layout table!  Check it out...
Yeah and that's not all of it, I'm still working on getting more out there to get packed, but also plan to put to much out and slowly take away!  Well, better get back to setting stuff out and packing the bag it'll be a long day/short day as I'm getting the bags packed and ready!  Again I thank you all for what you all have done and I appreciate the prayers as I head out tomorrow!

Keep on living,


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