Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Been too long!

Hey friends and family, if you have been wondering, yes I am alive!  I hope you all are well wherever you are this wonderful summer!  First off I want to apologize for my lack of updates and letting you know how I am doing here in the Dominican Republic.  It's been a crazy few weeks since I have updated you all but it's been a great few weeks!

So what to start with???  There has been so much, well to start off with I finally was located in one place two weeks in a row, the first time since I've been down here! That helped me keep my sanity, for the past few weeks.  The location I was in was Hato Del Yaque, Santiago, such an awesome place and community!

This community was built after a hurricane came through and hurt the farming community and so this is where the farmers have come to be after their land was ruined.  So many family have come from farming families, and now are hard working people that head to the city to make a life's living.  Also a community where the normal age of a mother is 14-16 years old.  So for the ladies it's a pretty rough life for the girls in the town as they are usually single mothers at that age as well.  But it is an awesome place that Jen (one of the missionaries with G.O.) is located and have really poured her heart into and invests a lot of time there.

As I continue to finish this it has been a week since I've gotten back to this!  Meaning I've started then stopped this update! This update has been going on for 3 weeks, so you can kinda see how my weeks are... AKA CRAZY!!!!

Anyways within the week that I have not updated this I have gone to a new and exciting place!  It's in the Barahona district of the Dominican Republic check out where they are located! Batey 9, Barahona, Dominican Republic   This is basically the country side of the Dominican Republic... AKA like back home the with all the corn!  Anyways this place is the closest thing to going to Haiti without going there and it was a great week!  The community there is amazing as it's got a little bit of everything, even though it is one of the poorer districts that G.O. Partners with.

For everyone wanting to know, my spanish that I took 6 years ago, yeah not really helping me out here... My spanish is horrible down here, my vocab has suffered and still to this day is suffering.  I have learned a few words and can understand things but to be able to speak it is pretty hard, which has made it a bit more difficult.

Well this brings me to this beginning of this week for if you didn't know was my Birthday yesterday July 17th, and well it landed on a Tuesday which is the day that teams come into Santiago!  With that said it was my church coming down this week and my dad was on this flight, so what better Birthday present than seeing my dad after being away for 6 weeks!  I'm excited to see what God has planned for my group as they are here a week and will be doing a little of everything from medical, VBS, construction, and a few guys are heading to Haiti to drop some supplies off for the next two weeks where a team will be working out there to put a water purification system there for the teams!

Ok well I Figured I would get some pictures up of my trip a little bit and don't worry each photo will have a small where and when they were taken... so with out further a dew:

One of my first faves, just look at the joy and happiness in her face! This was with the St. Luke's Team my first week.

This is one of a girl in Hoya de Bartola "The Hole" which is the lowest point in Santiago and is an inactive landfill where people live in.  Pretty powerful place!

I was lucky to enjoy the first week at all the different events, and baseball was one of them.  They played a game that week and yeah he jumped from 4-5 feet away, so happy I got it captured!

This little guys was my second week here in the DR in San Marcos, and lets just say he is the biggest ham, but you almost couldn't just say no to him... Just look at that grin!

This was in the second week as well she was the cutest little girl, with the cutest little smile.  She didn't talk much to anyone but she became one of my fav's that's for sure! 

Ok please tell me doesn't this look like the next Cee Lo Green?  This was my third week and they did these sunglasses where the decorated them, and the big glasses with the chubby cheeks I instantly thought Cee Lo Green!

Say hello to Noemi! One of the cook's daughters in the Barahona District which I mentioned above.  She was the cutest little girl out there in the Batey's that played shy at times and other times was the most flintiest thing in the world!

This was pretty awesome/crazy soccer in the DR!  Never thought I would see this, but this is Batey Nueve vs. Batey Cinco.  This again being so close to Haiti there is a big Haitian population so Soccer is their sport!

No this is not any special effect or filter I used on my lens, this actually was real, a full circle rainbow at around 2 in the afternoon! Pretty awesome eh?

I love night photography it's so much fun being able to pull so much out of what seems to be nothing! Look at the sugar cane the clouds, and in the upper right and corner the night sky/stars! B-E-A-utiful!

And to end it all off a beautiful afternoon blue sky stitched photo of the sugarcane field just outside of the church!  Such an awesome view... isn't God amazing with his creation!

Ok well there is it a full update sorry it's taken so long... Only 2 weeks left once my church returns home on this coming Tuesday!  Miss you all and Love you all!  Until next time...

Keep on Living


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