Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Kentucky Weekend!

Well after driving for a total of 10 hours combined I have made my journey down to Kentucky and back! It was a long but short weekend for me.  I found out where I will be at for the days, well as of right now... it could all change when I get down to the DR.

So this weekend consisted of driving down to Louisville on Friday for our first meeting as an internship team, and getting to finally meet everyone.  Friday consisted of meet and greet/get to know each other better.  We talked a small bit about G.O. Ministries, and then went out to dinner & then off to Putt-Putt, cause what better way than to get to know each other than Putt-Putt!  After all the fun activities we headed back to the G.O. Ministries office where we spent the night.

Second day... Woke up early to go for a 2 mile run, (trying to get back in shape/running again!). Came back and enjoyed a nice breakfast from one of the staff members who brought it in for us that morning.  After that was a full day in the conference room again bonding with the other interns and learning about what we will be doing and what's expected of us/learning about G.O. Ministries. After a long day of learning, we headed out again in the evening to enjoy another dinner and activity, this time it was Bowling!  Again this weekend was about bonding and getting to know each other so that we have some familiar faces when we get down there.

After this weekend it really got me even more excited about my trip!  I can't believe it but I leave in just one week.  Crazy how fast this has all come... I'm working this whole week, but lucky it's for my rents which means I'll spend some time at the house getting stuff ready as well!  This weekend will be the last minute stops and runs to pick up those last minute essentials before I leave for 2 months.  Yes they will have some of the same stuff as we do here, just a bit more expensive down there than here so might as well get it cheaper and not worry about paying a pretty penny for those items while I'm down there.

Last thing is my support, I thank you all for supporting me and the prayers and money that you have given me!  I want to put an update on here on where I am for raising support for the trip, currently I am at $1,520 of my $2,100 for the first month, and then I will need an additional $900 for the second month.  I am able to raise that second month money while I'm down there but I am needing that $2,100 before I head down to be in.  If you feel God telling you to give even if it's $10 that will go along way, and greatly appreciated.  Again if you would like to donate the fastest way to get me the money is going here:


Once on the website under program select intern and then put my name in the recipients name!  Again thank you so much for everything you all have done!

Lastly if you have donated please e-mail me at doug.eubank@me.com, so that I can make sure that I have received the money you have donated and also put you on the e-mail list of updates!  And I will make sure to give you guys sneak peaks of what I have done down there so far before blog posts or even the Facebook group!

Keep on Living


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kentucky & Gear

Hey guys another day closer to my take off date! Wanted update u all as I'm slowly getting ready to head to Louisville, KY for my internship retreat where I'll get to meet most the other interns that'll be down there at the same time! So that's this weekend, getting pretty excited, a little bit of a long drive for just Friday-Sunday but I'll be visiting a friend on the way home in Indy!

Funds are slowly coming in for my internship and in about $500 away from getting the first month taken care of which needs to be in next Tuesday May 29. So if u still have not donated and are looking to help fund me for this internship, which the donation is tax deductible! Please let me know or go to this link: https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=gomi&id=1

Lastly thought about doing this so here is one part of my gear I'll be taking for the media side of things! It is missing my 17" MacBook Pro, and external harddrives but check it out.

I can't believe it's only two weeks away before I fly out!

Keep on living!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Next Steps!

Well well well, If you haven't checked it out I updated my blog, aka the look!  Hope you like it, that is a picture from last year when I was in the DR at what we call the Hole, a dump where people live in, as cool and nice as it looks, it's a pretty sad place.  This is just one of the places I will be working in!  I head to Louisville, KY in a week from Friday for an intern retreat where I will meet the rest of the intern's there, and find a bit more about what I will be doing for sure while down there!

I'm def getting excited as my equipment is all here, and money is slowly trickling in for my raising of funds!  Pictures of my packing and setting everything out to come soon!  Also pictures of intern retreat!

Oh and incase you were curious, I have finally been informed on my flight path down there!  I will drive to Ft. Wayne, then from there I will head to Chicago, the get on my next flight to Miami,and from Miami I head to Santiago!!!  Then the flight home will be Santiago, to Miami, to Dallas, and then to Ft. Wayne.  First time In the Dallas airport, should be a good time minus the Miami airport, never have been a fan of that airport.

Ok well that is all for now, updates to follow more and more as I get closer to leaving and while I'm down there and not working,  editing photo's & video, or I guess having fun too! ;)

Keep on living!