Friday, February 20, 2009

Final 2 days in New Zealand...

Only 2 days left till I head to Australia. Where I'll be for about a week, then head off to Singapore for a few days. At that point I won't have internet access, so yeah. But Chinese let me tell you is way to much memorizing for myself. It's not to hard of a language, it's just all that dang memorizing that I can't handle. One more mid term here this morning at 11:00 for Chinese then I get a break for a little bit.

Finally finished my book I started on this trip, and it was a very well done book, which I may suggest to anyone who may be going through a rough time, this book will def. open your eyes. The book is called Half-Life/Die Already, check it out if you want something to change your perspective on tough times your going through... I'm thinking about starting it again, and trying to learn even more from it the second time I read it.

Other than that, that's all that is going on in my life, I only have today and tomorrow, for me that's Saturday and Sunday, that I have internet access so if you want to get a hold of me e-mail me or what not and we can chat otherwise you prob won't be hearing from me for a week or so. Other than that Keep on Living!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Travel Week

So sitting here just got to thinking this is my last day of travel in New Zealand. Kinda sad day, but yeah this last day is just a nice relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing. The Beach is 2 min. away so u know where I'm going today at some point. I can't believe the New Zealand portion of this trip is over basically. I can't wait for the other places were heading to have this so that'll be an adventure. Nothing to exciting has really happened since the South Island I'll post some more pictures up on facebook soon... feel free to check them and all that. Take it easy anything just leave a comment or what not. Until next time Keep on living.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Heading South Means Cold?

So at this moment I'm sitting outside in the South Island of New Zealand, at a YWAM base. Last evening here in the South Island, kind of depressing, but hey it's a once in a life time opportunity so far to this point no other group on the PacRim trip has gone here so were the first. And for the sake of others to come on this trip I hope they get to as well, it's a great and very different experience. And yes the South Island is a little colder than the north, that's one thing I've thought was weird to say south is cold normally for us it's lets go south to get warm, anyways here's everything...

We Hiked for 2 days, about 3-4 hour on Sunday, at Tekapo Lake. Today we hiked for another 3-4 hours just under Mount Hood, the largest mountain in all of New Zealand. It was a great two full days of hiking and trekking, but very tiring at the same time. My legs at the end of both days were dead, and Sunday was my stupid day because well I was running up the mountains... yeah I know stupid on my part, o well it was very enjoyable and a good workout. Sunday was our dusty and extremely windy day and today was more of the rocky dry day, with sweet wooden bridges that swung and bounced which I got the feeling not to many people enjoyed me doing that when they were on the bridge. But over all it was a great trip,

Oh... and I can officially say that I got to drive in a different country on the opposite side of the road. I got the hang of it pretty well, just followed basically the entire time. After our first hiking at the Tekapo Lake we were going to Twizel and we were cruising along, and enjoy the ride, and next thing I know PHFFF...... first thing my van thought from the sound was flat tire, but it was driving just fine no flat, next thing I know SMOKE!!! It was everywhere when I pulled over, and well I looked down at my gauges and all the bells and whistles were lighted up, and basically yelling at me. Make a long story short I blew the engine, not only do I get to drive for the first time in a country I also blow my first engine period, while in another country. If you wanna know anything else about the story feel free to ask I'll share. That's all for now I'll get some pictures up on here or facebook to show you what we hiked both days. Until next time keep on living.