Monday, June 11, 2012

Week one down!

Hello all,

Well it's Monday around 8:30, and I will be putting my first video together fairly soon!  With that said a sneak peak at some of my favorite photo's from the past week to come!

This week has been fun yet tiring.  This internship is a go, go, go, type of internship, but it's so much fun getting to see everything and the whole group loving on everyone down here.  My first group that I was with was a total of 64 people, it was a youth group and their leaders!  They had a great week and right now are at a resort at the beach, and I was left behind... No big deal, it's nice to be left behind so I can get a little rest and relaxation.

The group that was down here this week had 3 different groups, which included a VBS group, a construction team, and a sports group (whom helped played and taught Baseball all week).  They did some awesome stuff down here from digging holes for a new foundation at the medical building, to playing with kids and loving on them a VBS, to feeding kids at feeding clinics, and playing and teaching kids baseball and the different techniques.

So far it has been great, busy but great!  While in Santiago I'll be living in an apartment with one of the missionaries that had just started with G.O.  While in santiago I will have internet fairly often, but when it comes to me traveling to the other locations that I'll be at like for next week I will not have access to internet.  So updates won't always happen but will at times when I come back into the city.  Well I better get ready for the day, gotta be over at the head media missionaries house to work on the video with my photo's and her's! So with that said check out some of these photos' and enjoy!

Greenville Group:

Headed to Feeding Center:



Baseball Clinic:

Keep on living!


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Sarah Koutz said...

Love the updates! Keep them coming when you can. Praying for you buddy.