Thursday, May 17, 2012

Next Steps!

Well well well, If you haven't checked it out I updated my blog, aka the look!  Hope you like it, that is a picture from last year when I was in the DR at what we call the Hole, a dump where people live in, as cool and nice as it looks, it's a pretty sad place.  This is just one of the places I will be working in!  I head to Louisville, KY in a week from Friday for an intern retreat where I will meet the rest of the intern's there, and find a bit more about what I will be doing for sure while down there!

I'm def getting excited as my equipment is all here, and money is slowly trickling in for my raising of funds!  Pictures of my packing and setting everything out to come soon!  Also pictures of intern retreat!

Oh and incase you were curious, I have finally been informed on my flight path down there!  I will drive to Ft. Wayne, then from there I will head to Chicago, the get on my next flight to Miami,and from Miami I head to Santiago!!!  Then the flight home will be Santiago, to Miami, to Dallas, and then to Ft. Wayne.  First time In the Dallas airport, should be a good time minus the Miami airport, never have been a fan of that airport.

Ok well that is all for now, updates to follow more and more as I get closer to leaving and while I'm down there and not working,  editing photo's & video, or I guess having fun too! ;)

Keep on living!


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