Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A new Adventure

Why hello all! Well since my last post, I have had the opportunity to work with Apple and also go on a few missions trips to the Dominican Republic. Well with that said, while I was down in the DR i had the opportunity to talk about an internship with G.O. Ministries. Well one year went by and I did not want to leave my job at Apple. Well another year putting us at this year, I have taken the internship and been accepted so I will be heading to the Dominican Republic this summer for two months!

Well you may ask what is this crazy internship you will be doing down in the DR? Well I'm posting this to tell ya, It's a photography internship. I'll be taking photo's for missions teams that come down for missions trips, and then putting photo's into a slideshow for those groups! It's going to be a 2 month internship from June 5 - July 31. I'm very excited to get the opportunity to do this, doing two of my favorite things, Art through photography and travel. I will also be working alongside the groups down there and helping in some areas and times plus recording their memories! It's a really exciting time and please leave a message or let me know if you have any questions more about my internship!

Keep on living!


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