Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kentucky & Gear

Hey guys another day closer to my take off date! Wanted update u all as I'm slowly getting ready to head to Louisville, KY for my internship retreat where I'll get to meet most the other interns that'll be down there at the same time! So that's this weekend, getting pretty excited, a little bit of a long drive for just Friday-Sunday but I'll be visiting a friend on the way home in Indy!

Funds are slowly coming in for my internship and in about $500 away from getting the first month taken care of which needs to be in next Tuesday May 29. So if u still have not donated and are looking to help fund me for this internship, which the donation is tax deductible! Please let me know or go to this link:

Lastly thought about doing this so here is one part of my gear I'll be taking for the media side of things! It is missing my 17" MacBook Pro, and external harddrives but check it out.

I can't believe it's only two weeks away before I fly out!

Keep on living!


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