Saturday, July 5, 2014

1 week till #2

Well it's officially on week from today that I will be embarking on my second 70.3 Ironman.  So no not the #2 some of you may have been thinking.  But this shall be a good race, temperature is starting to look nice, everyone has told me it's gonna be HOT!!!  As I see it right now a high of 84 is doable, that's not overly hot, pretty nice if that's later in the after noon.  I'm excited, but nervous as I have not prepared as I did for my first 70.3 last year at Steelhead.  The swim will be the big kicker for me so we shall see how that works out.  My bike is having issues at the moment and that means busting out the electrical tape unless my warranty goes through and they are able to get it fixed before I leave Thursday.

For those curious as to why I do this to my body well it a gift I've been given and something that I enjoy.  Why do people play sports where they will at some point get injured or let people hit them as hard as possible just to get up and do it the next down...  It for the love of the event.  I have recently just joined a Non For Profit called Racing For Steve-O and am excited to see how awesome you all are to help me reach my goals.  Please check them out and if your interested in donating to help me reach my goals please reach out to me one way or another!

This is a short one, but as I go I will update you all with my races and pictures from them and how training is going.

Doug Eubank

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