Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's Speak English!

So on today's event's we headed to a college, where we visited an English class and got to help the English students speak english and work with that stuff. I'm not the most outgoing person on this trip and was afraid of going and having to talk the entire time. Let alone my throat was sore, my head was draining, and I was not very coherent. So with all that on my plate didn't really make me wanna go anymore badly than I already didn't want to go. Not sure if that last sentence made sense, but yeah i hope you all get the idea. Anyways, today while at the college we walk into the classroom, and we get applauded. A very interesting way to get introduced to the class if i do say so myself. While there we got to be involved in 2 classes, both doing the same thing, which was sitting in the class and getting to talk to the Chinese students and learning from them. We were able to help them learn more about America, and the English language. In the end I'm glad I got to go to the college and do what we did, it was very different and interesting, but very nice to get this experience.

On other hands I'm not the healthiest at this moment in time... kinda sucks. My head has been plugged up the entire past 2 or 3 days so that's rough for me. We have a few days here left in the apartment before we leave for Xi'an, which I'm very excited for I can't wait to see all the country and the history of china outside of Beijing. This trip has been something I've been waiting for and needing since we've gotten here, something to get out of the same routine of doing everything. The studying, going to classes, and all that jazz we've needed a good trip that we haven't had yet, like we had every single week in New Zealand or Australia. So we leave Sunday around 6 pm and we won't be back for a week. I prob will have limited to no internet access so I won't be able to got on so that's all for now. Take it easy, and we'll talk to you all soon. Until next time Keep On Living!

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