Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Wall!

So today we headed to the great wall... Lucky for us it was a nice day sunny a little hazy, of course from the smog, and a good day to get a little sweat going. Here are some pictures:


abby ytzen said...

i really want to run on the great wall some day! i am going to an internet cafe tonight. it is almost six now and i will probably be there around nine, i don't know that time that is there....but if you are awake we should skype or gmail chat or something :)

Todd McLaughlin said...

Dude, Doug. Your pics look amazing! It sounds like you're having a blast over there. Can you believe just over a month and you guys will be back? I'm sure you'll have a ton of sweet stories and whatnot. We should definitely catch up and get coffee when you return. I hope the rest of your trip is awesome, Doug! Later man