Friday, February 20, 2009

Final 2 days in New Zealand...

Only 2 days left till I head to Australia. Where I'll be for about a week, then head off to Singapore for a few days. At that point I won't have internet access, so yeah. But Chinese let me tell you is way to much memorizing for myself. It's not to hard of a language, it's just all that dang memorizing that I can't handle. One more mid term here this morning at 11:00 for Chinese then I get a break for a little bit.

Finally finished my book I started on this trip, and it was a very well done book, which I may suggest to anyone who may be going through a rough time, this book will def. open your eyes. The book is called Half-Life/Die Already, check it out if you want something to change your perspective on tough times your going through... I'm thinking about starting it again, and trying to learn even more from it the second time I read it.

Other than that, that's all that is going on in my life, I only have today and tomorrow, for me that's Saturday and Sunday, that I have internet access so if you want to get a hold of me e-mail me or what not and we can chat otherwise you prob won't be hearing from me for a week or so. Other than that Keep on Living!

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