Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Hello from New Zealand!

Hey everyone, it's Doug. So it's day #2 in New Zealand, so I would figure I would update everyone, and let u all know I'm alive still. First day in New Zealand was about 72, with a cool breeze, and lets just say AMAZING!!! I love it here the rooms here are one person rooms just wide enough for a bed, and it has a desk and a closet. U can see here what the rooms look like:

Yesterday we just relaxed, and enjoyed our time not traveling, today is going to be a little like that after lunch a little driving to go places, but just enjoying the weather. For all you in Indiana, good luck with the winter storm, sorry it's going to suck and I'm here in New Zealand, enjoy warm sunny weather. For now that's all hope you all are doing well and until next time, Keep on Living!


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Kristin Rzepka said...

My frostbit fingers second that jealousy!! What a cute little bungalo you have there!